Extreme is your premiere Karaoke & DJ service in and surrounding
Boone & Ames, Iowa!

Our goal is to create an entirely new and unique experience for the singers and fans at our shows as well as at home and online.

Our semi-final roster is done. Please take a look, and contact us if you have any questions. 
Want to know how we handled the roster and placement? Check out our video of the drawing!


We just wrapped up shooting the drawing for which semi-final nights singers will be competing in. Video should be up by Wednesday night. STAY TUNED!


Qualifying rounds are complete. We will be holding our annual drawing for the semi-final rounds within the next couple days. Stay tuned!
"Photo of the Week"
taken 1-17-2015
"Latest Video"

"Extreme's Qualifiers"

"My Friend Max"
a short film by Mikeal Burgin
A short film being shot in Eastern Iowa by Director Mikeal Burgin. From Okapi Pictures.
HELP FUND "My Friend Max"
Click HERE
Star Trek Raven is a feature fan film being shot in Woodward Iowa.
"Star Trek Raven"
a David Whitney Fan Film
a film by Connor Botts
A short film being shot in Des Moines Iowa by Connor Botts and Dark Pulse Productions.
We will be updating this area with a list of all of our qualifiers for the semi-finals.
FINALS to be held on
March 7th, 2015
at The Southside Club in Boone, Iowa
Extreme has expanded the lacation range of our qualifiers this year. Many of our qualifying contestants courtesy of Midnight Stars Karaoke & DJ
Want to sing and show off some SKILLZ? Here is a list of Extreme's Karaoke shows in Ames & Boone. Each show is every week unless otherwise stated.

The Bar
Ames, Iowa (Northern Lights)
8pm - midnight

Boone, Iowa
8pm - midnight
***every THIRD Thursday of the month***


5 & Dime
Ames, Iowa
9pm - 1:30am

The Southside Club
Boone, Iowa
9pm - 1:30am

A Karaoke show means anyone can come out and sign up to sing (free of charge) with a musical background for their friends while enjoying drinks and an adult atmosphere.
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